Final press conference. Responsible Mobility: How to Minimize Migration Risks

Number of labour migrants from Ukraine to neighboring countries constantly grows. Currently hundreds of thousand (or even millions) of Ukrainians work and study in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Czechia. At the same time rules and regulations on the market are dynamically changing and risks caused by lack of information on legal employment or studying are increasing – trafficking in human beings, fraud with conditions of work and salaries, status of irregular migrant and legislation violator.

On May 11 at 10:00, Europe without Barriers  invites journalists and experts to join a press conference entitled “Responsible Mobility: How to Minimize Migration Risks” dedicated to the topic of employment and studying  in the Visegrad countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). During the event the latest trends in labor migration to the V4 countries will be discussed, as well as last changes in the rules and situation on the labor market in Ukraine and abroad, and the results of the project “Creative Youth Education for Responsible Mobility” aimed at spreading among young people in the western regions knowledge about legal and safe employment and studying abroad.


Iryna Sushko, Executive Director NGO Europe without Barriers

Dr. Marta Jaroszewicz, Migration projects coordinator, Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), Warsaw,

Vasyl Voskoboinyk, President of All-Ukrainian Association of companies for international employment

Questions to discuss:

  • Working migration to V4 countries and visa-free regime: tendencies and rules
  • Visa-free statistics: refusals in entry, overstay etc
  • Ukrainian workers in Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary


Event is held in the framework of project “Creative youth education for responsible mobility” financed by the International Visegrad Fund and the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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