Videoclip about risks and rules of looking for a job abroad

“Jobs in Poland”, “Jobs in Czech Republic” – call advertisements spread around the city, and promise sky-high wages and comfortable conditions. Is everything really so good?

With the growth of labor migration abroad and its reorientation towards the western direction, the number of proposals from intermediaries who do not have appropriate permits and qualifications increases. They can cheat their clients, provide poor-quality services or participate in schemes of labor exploitation and trafficking.

What are the dangers of using services of illegal intermediaries, using fake documents for entry to Visegrad countries, and how to travel properly?

Useful links:

Advices on studying and applying for a job in Poland

Calendar “How to travel to neighbours?”

Video created by “Europe without barriers” in coopperation with Divaki production studio with support from Visegrad fund and th Government of the Netherlands in the framework of the project “Creative youth education for responsible mobility”

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